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Dec 12, 2006


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now there's something you dont see every day :)


Wow, worshiping God instead of a building. Important lesson for all churches, whether hanging on to a building they perhaps shouldn't or desiring a building they maybe don't even really need. Cool.

Michael W. Kruse

The previous church I was in struggled to adapt to the neighborhood it was in but it was mostly an older group and only a handful of us actually lived in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, we had welcomed a church plant into our third floor with a couple of dozen worshipers. They grew quickly and demonstrated they could effectively reach young adults who lived in the area.

What did we do? After 100 years in existence we sold the building below cost to the new group and dissolved our congregation. That church is now Jacob's Well.

(So why I am I not at JW? That is another story that has more to do with my unique circumstances than anything.)

BTW, good to hear from you Nashbabe. When are you going put up a website? :)


Very interesting! Thanks for passing this along. Definitely an encouraging story.

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