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Jan 12, 2007


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Hannes Minkema

Citation: "Jewish film, music and cultural festivals are flourishing everywhere, even in Poland, a cradle of anti-Semitism".

To brand Poland as 'a cradle of anti-Semitism' is reeking of bigotry and most probably the result of one-sided historical knowledge. Yes, anti-Semitism in Poland existed and exists. Bigotry is everywhere, also within all other nations that consider themselves civilized. Yet it cannot be mistook that for centuries, Poland was a relatively safe haven for European Jewry. Jewish culture could grow and florish in Poland even between the Germany-invoked World Wars, including the Jewish films, theater, and music that the journalist apparently considers as in opposition with anti-Semitism.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for you comments Hannes. This is an aspect of history I have not read much about. I know of one concentration camp survivor who spoke of her oppressive experiences in Poland in the 1920s and 1930s. Were her's the norm? I don't personally know much about Polish history with regard to Jews prior to this era so it is hard for me to assess.

Still, I think the greater thrust of the article is quite interesting.


I think, Friends of Efrat is the best Jewish charity around. It simultaneously achieves major religious and political aims. I found it here samsonblinded.org/blog/the-best-jewish-charity.htm and donated that same day which is sort of unusual for me.

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