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May 09, 2007


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"While I value a number of things from my upbringing, the "come ye apart and be separate from the world" stuff is something that has never connected with me and was a primary reason I moved out of that stream as a young guy. It is part of the same ambivalence I have toward large swaths of the American emerging church scene."
Can you say some more about how you see this in the emerging church scene?

Michael W. Kruse

Neil, I don’t know if you have ever been in for counseling but the counselor I worked with would often ask “Does this feel familiar?” Mostly what I can say is “this feels familiar” to this quasi-Anabaptist upbringing of mine. :)

There is clearly a stream of Emergent types who are political action oriented (though overwhelming toward agendas traditionally identified with the left.) There are the conservative Reformed types like Mark Driscoll’s group. So I am not saying this Anabaptist thing is all encompassing.

I sense it most in things like the fascination with “new monasticism” and intentional communities. The avenue for addressing issues of empire is not to engage, enter, and redeem the empire but to exit it and be a prophetic voice in the wilderness. I sense it in the utter dearth of attention given to things like how we can become more effective stewards of God’s resources in creating health and prosperity through the economy. We are to drop out of the economy instead of redeeming it. I sense a strong inclination toward philosophy and the vita contemplativa, and nearly a disdain at times for the vita activa.

I don’t have this fully formulated in my mind. Does this impressionistic ramble help?

Jarrod Saul McKenna

Great artilce on this at:

Michael W. Kruse

Jarrod, thanks for the link! Helpful discussion.

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