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Jun 08, 2007


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So Mike does being a being a member of the presbyemergent bloggers make you one of those dirty Emergent dudes?

Michael W. Kruse

Nate, my earlier comments were about the leadership of the organization "Emergent" or "Emergent Village" and their denials of being political/economic progressives. Presbymergent is a website where PCUSAers who are interested in the emerging church gather to talk about what this means for their denomination. It is not connected insitutionally with Emergent.

I notify people of events for which I have varying degrees of support. I even attend events held by groups with whom I'm in considerable disagreement. What I don't do is go to press conferences as a spokesperson for those holding the event, all the time claiming I am not one of them. People of differing views on some issues sometimes do hold press conferences in support of an issue where they share common ground. They make that known what that issue is. What was the common ground at this press conference? They were religious progressives left behind.

I'll say it again, my issue isn't that these folks are progressive. My issues is the suspicion that progressivism is being packaged as a "third way."



That comment was intended to be a light jab. Hence the dirty emergent dudes, I did not even say why they were dirty. Just that in the past you have repeated positioned yourself right on the edge of being part of the conversation or not being part of it.

I think if you look, the founders of the presbyEmergent crowd Adam and Karen are both EmergentVillage board members. So I do think it is connected at some level to Emergent Village or at least comes out of it. I just saw your name on the blogroll for the group so thought I would ask, cause critique that comes from the inside is different then critique that comes from the outside.

I also noticed that they are having a party at a larger PCUSA function in August in houston. Any chance you are planning on coming down? I would be happy to buy ya a beer or two if you make it down to my neck of the woods.


Michael W. Kruse

Hey Nate, not sure about the Houston thing yet. Still thinking about that one. My brother lives in the Houston era so there is a good chance I'll get there someday. Should you ever be in KC I'll return be happy to host.

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