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Mar 20, 2008


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Oh the pitfalls of free markets. This is great (and ironic) news :)

link builder

India is performing well in terms of Information technology... and it sounds so good that developing countries like the said country are not lagging behind when one speaks about the IT industry. I appreciate the thought that these kind of countries actually train individuals from developed nations such as the U.S. to enhance skills in information technology... I just do hope that like India, other developing countries might also be given broader opportunities to harness their potentials in contributing something for the benefit of the said industry as it delivers services to different businesses worldwide.... thank you and more power!!! :)

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks L B. Prior to the unrest in Kenya there were stories about plans to copy what India had done. They share many of the advangtages India has. I haven't heard so much since the unrest. Eventually I think we will see other India's emerge.

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