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Apr 01, 2008


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Michael Krahn

What?!?!?! What's next - Mark Driscoll takes Rob Bell out for dinner and a movie followed by some manly snuggling?!?!?!?

Michael W. Kruse


Just keeping my readers on their toes.


Slice of Laodicea goes offline!


...completely off topic, but I couldn't think of a better place to put this comment!

So, there is a team of Tigers up for the NCAA championship tonight...is your little tiger cheering for cats or birds???

I must say that I felt better with NCU getting beat the same way they beat our Cougars! They looked just as cold as we did. Just ran out of gas! ;^)

Michael W. Kruse

Yup. The little vermon is going with the feline factor tonight. He'll be cheering for Memphis. As much as I hate to, I'll probably go with KU...Big 12 thing and all.

The KU vs NC was one of the more bizarre games I've seen in awhile. Talk about hot to cold to hot (or cold to hot to cold if you were NC). I think it should be a good game tonight.


...well, they just went into overtime! Looks like the Tigers are running out of gas. We'll see what happens next. Very intense game!

Michael W. Kruse

The tank hit empty. KU outlasted 'em. That was an amazing final!

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