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Aug 05, 2008


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This is also sometimes known as the "80-20 principle": 80% of the work is done by 20% of the workers.

"But what if there is an unequal distribution of skill and ability within the human population?"

I take that as a rhetorical question.

Michael W. Kruse

Pretty much. But it is asked in the context of so many who by default think that "justice" is everyone making about the same level of income. Is that just in light of differing degrees of performance? There will always be a tiny sliver of folks who contribute far more than others in any human endeavor. Justice is not as easy to discern as it might first seem.

Harrison Bergeron


This is not fair!

I also don't think it's fair that so many other blogs, not nearly as informative and well written, get so many more comments. And Drudge has an incredibly ugly site, but has so many readers. Also not fair.

I will be phoning my congressperson to ask them to correct this with legislation.

Harrison Bergeron

Michael W. Kruse


Better yet, simply address your letter to:

Diana Moon Glampers,
United States Handicapper General

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