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Oct 20, 2008


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Got you beat paid 2.35 in beautiful San Antonio, Texas today. Saw it at HEB (Grocery) in McAllen for 2.32.

Denis Hancock

Cool. Let's see.... 125 miles at 25 mpg. That's 5 gallons out and 5 gallons back. KC is 13 cents less per gallon than Columbia, so I'd save $1.30. But wait. That only applies to KC gas, so it's actually only $0.65 I'd save. Hmmm. Maybe I'll put the gas cost savings into the stock market. Ah the joys of innumeracy!

Unfortunately I used up all my excuses to drop by and visit last month -- Unless I can convince Susan that that barbeque joint you introduced me to last month is better than anything we have in Columbia.

Michael W. Kruse

Ahem... Why are we even considering price when Danny Edwards Barbeque is on the line. Let us keep our priorities in line.

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