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Dec 30, 2008


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One of the most destructive delusions that Christianity has bequeathed to all of Earth-kind is the notion that human beings are separate from the rest of "creation"---or that "creation" is entirely other.



And that we are separate from each other, and separate from The Divine Conscious Light.

Even to talk about "creation" as something other to humankind is to confess to being entirely godless.

It is to create a deadly split in ones heart and being-consciousness. Which is then inevitably projected on to the world at large, and thus dramatised in historical time as ever widening circles of violence---as an all encompassing scapegoat cult.

Thus inevitably creating the situation described in these references and website.



Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for your thoughts, John.

There has been a dualism that developed within Christianity that I believe has more to do with Greek influences than the what the scriptures actually teach. We are inextricably part of nature and we were created for material world. I believe that the biblical image is of humanity one day living a material existence in a an altered material existence.

That said, we are in God's image, and in that sense, we are also other than nature.

I will not surrender to either notion that we are mere products of nature or that nature is totally other and ours to do with as we please.

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