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Mar 13, 2009


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Alan Wilkerson

Same score......I understand that Thomas Jefferson said that a man who couldn't think of more than one way to spell a word wasn't a man. Then again maybe that's just hopeful thinking...




Michael W. Kruse

I like Alan's score better. :-)

Rick McGinniss


sister florenc

sister florence
shame on me

Denis Hancock

21/25, leaving off the two British ones at the end, both of which I missed.

Michael W. Kruse

Sister Florence, you are without a doubt my favorite commenter on this post. :-) Alan, you, and I need to join in a rousing cheer of:

Misspellers of the world ... UNTIE!

Michael W. Kruse

BTW, the rest of the commenters have seemed not to realize that the purpose of the comment section is to help the Kronicler look good. :-)


What do you expect from a Kronicle?

(22, by the way)

Michael W. Kruse


"...leaving off the two British ones..."

I was tempted to ignore these as well. I have enough trouble with English. Why bring a foreign language into it.


"What do you expect from a Kronicle?"

I don't get it. Kronicle looks fine to me. ;-)

Dana Ames

Got hung up on the British and "preferred".
I don't think that's fair.... (whiny voice)


sister florenc

Thanks for the cheer and affirmation.
I like Alan's quote from Jefferson and I use that for my matrix and follow it to the letter.
Spell check helps too but what does it know. It doesn't even know monastic terms and underlines them red.
so you see spelling is relative.

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