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Oct 23, 2009


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Travis Greene

I'm certainly firmly in Generation Y (or Millenial or whatever) and yes, there is a prevalent kind of self-deceptive anti-consumerism that is just consumerism in a different , more tribal guise. The kind of smug hipster bourgeosie who, for social justice reasons, will look down at the great unwashed who shop at Walmart, and then run out to spend $400 on just the right pair of Converse sneakers.

But then again, didn't we just learn by example? :)

The tithing/giving question is interesting. Isn't loyalty just another way of describing expressing solidarity with a community?

In examining my motivations for giving, I think it's partly duty (I did grow up in a conservative environment), partly recognizing it as a spiritual discipline that is good for me, and yes, loyalty to/solidarity with my community. Perhaps it helps that I am part of a new church with almost no cushion--it wouldn't take much for us to fold, so to withhold from giving would truly be a betrayal not just to God in some spiritual sense, but to my friends in a very real and tangible sense.

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