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Oct 30, 2009


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Ted M. Gossard

Very good.


Never mind that was is now called the "Old" Testament did not exist in the time of Jesus.

And how do you know that Jesus ever even read any of the Sacred Texts of Judaism? We know nothing whatsoever of his early history, who he associated with, who his teachers were etc etc. We dont even know if he could read.

Jesus was a rare being who was radically alive in as the Divine Reality (or Holy Spirit). Such radiant beings have no need to read anything because their knowledge of any and every thing is intuitive, unmediated and completely obvious to them.

Besides which the character and nature of the religious and Spiritual minds that wrote the various books of the "Old" Testament is completely different to the now common mind which is entirely patterned by the materialist/reductionist anti-Spiritual mind-set that has dominated the West for more than 200 years now. ALL of Western "culture" is now patterned by this anti-Spiritual mind-set.

With NO exceptions, including ALL of those who presume to be religious, including the author of this blog.

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