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Dec 24, 2009


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Viola Larson

I'm with Isaac that heater and rug look perfect. A warm and safe Christmas to you too.

Dana Ames

Merry Christmas to the Kruse family, including the four-footed one...


William Apel

Very Merry Christmas to the Kruse family.

Pete Moore

Hi Michael,
Ive been meaning to write to you for a while now to ask for a favour but have only just got round to doing it. My wife and I are basically looking for advice on where to give some of our money, we are more explicitly trying to find people/companies who are tackling the deeper more systematic injustices of our day. For instance those who are seeking fairer trade regulations. If you could suggest anyone/anywhere that would be great, my email is petemoore2000@hotmail.com. Hope you guys had a great christmas!

Pete Moore

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