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Mar 08, 2010


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Thanks for posting this, Michael. It is very important for folks to see things from the workers' perspective ... and their choice to work in conditions "below" ours does derive from the true lack of opportunities. They make the best of their circumstances.

...and most of our poor would be shocked at how the poor in the Majority World live. Just sayin'

Kurt Willems

I am wrestling through the same set of questions as you are here with how work conditions and pay ought to be just... while also acknowledging that some of these options are better than, say... prostitution or the like. Thanks for the post! If your interested, feel free to check out a post series I did in a similar vein of thought: http://groansfromwithin.com/2010/02/20/is-ethical-buying-the-new-legalism-part-1/

Michael W. Kruse

Kurt, thanks for stopping by. What a great post!. Thanks for sharing it.

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