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Apr 27, 2010


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Alan Wilkerson

The books were better and the great news is the movies won't tip you off to much that happens in them; especially the second two.

Having said that, good insight and I like the baptism stories.


Michael W. Kruse

My nieces tell me the same. Haven't gotten around to reading them yet. When it comes to fiction I generally prefer cinema to books. ;-)


Dude...you have to read these books! They are way better than the movies ... actually, once you get past the beginning of the first movie, they are completely unrelated!

The original story of Webb/Bourne is much more compelling in the book and the redemption greater.

They are very intense, and the language is terrible, but the story -- across the three books -- is riveting!

...if I had more free time and brain cells, I would dig them out again. I've probably read them four times in the last 25 years.

Come on ... the abbess will challenge you to a reading duel ;^)

Michael W. Kruse

It won't be until late in the summer. But I may just take you up on the challenge.



Great insights and I think you nailed this one. I wonder though if this was in any way intentional by those who produced the movies or is this just an interpratation of a good story that allows you to draw various conclusions from. So many good stories / movies are about good vs evil and or about God stuff in some way. I've often wondered if what makes a good movie is that it deals with these issues of salvation, redemtion and real change. I think it's in our DNA as people. If intentional or not it's still may be there.

Michael W. Kruse

I hear ya, David.

I think there are only so many variations on basic themes. We draw on the same archetypes over and over. In this movie I was particularly struck by the use of water over and over. To me, whether it was intended or not, the screen writers seemed to consciously or unconsciously draw on themes of identity and baptism.

Clark Cowden

These are my favorite movies!


Great post.

"...maybe the savior is ourselves. Salvation comes from understanding your own history and owning it"

Ah life in the 21st century church of the psychologically-massaged consumer.

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