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Jun 03, 2010


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I so badly want to say that this should be considered a perfect game. It was clearly a mistake on the final out. But one play does not make a perfect game, if this one play is overturned then they'd have to check every pitch to make sure that all the pitches were called accurately, as one miscalled pitch could have altered the outcome of the game too.
If they are willing to review every pitch and determine that this was the only human error of the game then give it to him, otherwise it should stand as it is, a great game of baseball.

Michael W. Kruse

I suppose you could do something like they do in football where only certain kinds of plays are reviewable. But that is the problem. At the moment there is no rule for how to do this.


If this was anything but the last play I would be hesitant to reverse it. Where to begin instant replay reviews is the big question. I'm not opposed to the change though, unlike some baseball purists. The game has changed plenty of times over with the times, from the kind of plays that are allowed and substitutions permitted, to the number of games played and the playoff system. There is no "pure" baseball.

Michael W. Kruse

Baseball fans are a lot like the Amish. Change is acceptable only at a very deliberate and well thought through pace. ;-)


Don Miller has a great answer to this question on his blog. Joyce took responsibility and asked for forgiveness in tears and Galarraaga did. I'm so glad we still have men who act like men. Being human we all make mistakes. It's a good thing when the mistake is acknowledged, confessed and forgiveness is granted.

I love it. Lets never take the human call out of Baseball. It's what gives baseball it's charm...

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