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Jul 10, 2010


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It's anyone's game right now. I'm just hoping it doesn't get settled with penalty kicks.

Michael W. Kruse

It was an ugly but I agree ... At least no shoot out.


In keeping with the way this game was played, I was afraid they'd put Sneijder and Villa in the octagon to settle it.

I think The Daily Telegraph sums up the match well:

WRAP: Spain's positive approach to the game shone through in the end. They tried to win the match by playing football, and not by fouling. But heck, Holland had their chances to win, with Arjen Robben the guilty party on two occasions. Iniesta had the opportunity for glory and boy did he take it. Holland may feel sour about what they deemed to be an offence in the build-up to the goal but if you pick up eight yellows and a red in a match you're on shaky ground with that one.

Michael W. Kruse

Great analysis.


Now we have to wait 2 years for the Euros...

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