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Jul 20, 2010


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Kinda Funny. I will say that Unbreakable always had potential to me, and I'm not sure why it got ignored. With all the superhero movies in the last decade being taken straight from the marvel or dc comics, it was refreshing to see the possibility of a superhero built from scratch, not borrowed.


"I see dead careers..."

Travis Greene

His movies got worse, is what. That and the success of The 6th Sense was kind of a curse. It set the bar too high, and he could never meet those expectations again. He also fell back on the twist too much.

I like Unbreakable and Signs, and The Village has some powerful imagery, but the quality of his films just got worse and worse. He has a good eye for composition and pace, but the storytelling has to be there.

I could see some kind of renaissance in the cards for him, if he became more of a director of other people's writing and on a smaller scale. After Airbender, nobody is going to give him a big wad of money again.


The "suits" care most about box office. If a turkey makes money (as many do), the director stays on the books.

It opened up as #2, making $40 million that weekend. It cost $150 million, and so far grossed worldwide, $136 million.

"The Happening" cost $48 million, and grossed $163 million.

(Figures from www.boxofficemojo.com)

I think Travis is right: pretty good director, pretty bad writer.

Between Airbender and Happening, his movies are still in the black, so he might get one more chance. Now if only he has the good sense and the humility to realize that he should direct someone else's screenplay, he might get to keep going.

But I'll still wait for the reviews.


Does it really matter.......

Michael W. Kruse

It does to Shyamalan. ;-)


LoL, you got me there !

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