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Apr 14, 2011


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Ruth Beedle

I have noticed a growing trend towards girls feeling a lack of ability to contribute unless it is as 'pretty' or 'sexy' or 'sexual' that is truly disturbing. I don't know if it is the 'princess' trend (I was pretty much over-the-moon about Sleeping Beauty 50 years ago) or if it is just an overall trend towards growing up our girls fast and sexy. I'm sure no one missed the recent Abercrombie and Fitch fiasco where they were marketing a padded 'push-up- (what!?) bikini top for 8-year-olds. The worst possible idea, but it obviously had enough high-level execs who had done their field marketing and thought it would work.... it would NOT. I would very much like to start the conversation young and often about loving ourselves enough to respect our bodies and our minds and think authenticity and whole-ness.

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