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Apr 19, 2011


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The whole article takes what I perceive to be a cynical tone that comes across as, dare I say, pompous. Oh sure I dare.

Why do churches host marriage seminars? Because people in solid marriages give more to the church?

Why do churches host worship seminars? Because comtemporary worship draws people who give more to the church?

How about going for the simple reason? Churches are looking to be relevent. What issues are causing the most pain amongst the members of churches, and how can those be addressed scripturally. Financial Peace has been around for nearly 20 years. Sounds like someone might be just a bit jealous of someone elses overnight success after years and years of hard work.

Maybe Mr. Hamm (apropos?) could leave his cynicism at the door next time he wants to grace us with his opinion.

Michael W. Kruse

You picked that up too. ;-)

How about, churches genuinely care about people in their congregations and communities, and since finances are such a major problem for so many people, they offer practical help with spiritual support?

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