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Aug 08, 2011


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David Brush

It's not just individual consumer demand either, B2B transactions (at least in my industry) have contracted substantially as most everyone attempts to reign in capex spending to improve/maintain profitability.

A penny saved truly is a penny earned in this market.


One doesn't have to be a Wall Street economist to see how sick our economy is. High unemployment, low rates of investment return, a volatile stock market, uncertainty and lack of confidence in all sectors, and a federal government that seems to be dysfunctional with respect to making good choices for "we the people." We may indeed be in "recovery" but it will be slow, fragile, and unpredictable for a long time to come.

Dana Ames


in your opinion, who "out there", government or non-government, is advocating the actual policies that could be put into place which would help the most?


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