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Sep 27, 2012


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Dan Anderson-Little


This article neglected to mention the biggest problem with children's sermons as illustrated by the following story: A pastor gathered the children in the chancel for the children's sermon. She sat the children down and told them, "I am going to describe an animal that you find in your backyard and I want you to try to guess what it is. So, this animal is gray, has a big bushy tail, puts acorns in its mouth and lives in leafy nests in trees. Can any of you guess it?" The children all stared off into space and didn't say anything. "Oh come now," the pastor said, "I'm sure one of you can guess it." Finally one little boy raised his hand and the pastor called on him. "Well," said the little boy, "it sounds like a squirrel, but I know you want me to say it's Jesus."


Michael W Kruse

Lol. Bingo!

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