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Oct 26, 2012


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Dana Ames

if you can set the links to open in another window, then when we close that window/click back to your blog it doesn't have to reload. Saves a few nanoseconds :-)

I wish Scot/Patheos would do that on Jesus Creed. For some reason, it takes longer for JC to load for me than any other Patheos blog, and I don't think it's only because of all the video etc. at the site.

Maybe this is simply a manifestation of my own impatience, but in this I am congruent with these technological times - (voice of Ernestine the Telephone Operator: This computer is SO SLOW!!)



Michael W. Kruse

Interesting idea. I think it will make the linking process a little more tedious with extra HTML code but I'll give it some thought. Thanks!



I just right click on the link, and click "Open in New Tab." Then, when I close the tab, I can return to the blog I was previously reading.

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