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Nov 28, 2012


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This month the World Bank generated this report. Whether or not warming is a blip or trend, naturally caused and humanly accelerated or whatever, the report is an attempt understand the trajectory of future climate changes. Although there are a number of ways of doing this, many organizations rely on a measure called the climate sensitivity. It's a bit rough, but it's simple: it provides a value for the temperature increase we'd expect given a doubling of CO2. Interesting stuff!


The main point as I see it is that the entire field of climate "science" is based on models. Enough time has gone by that it is painfully obvious that the models have not accurately predicted much of anything in regard to AGW.

It appears obvious that the immediate claims of "See what CO2 has caused!" after any severe weather event are irresponsible, and need to stop right now. For example, there is no sign of ocean warming over the entire path of superstorm Sandy.

But Al Gore, and Michael Mann can't afford to stop the "chicken little'esque" cries of looming disaster or it will have severe impact on their personal incomes.

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