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Nov 06, 2012


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Rebecca Trotter

I hate to say it, but I don't think "most people want to see themselves as supporting a candidate that does what is just and right concerning the poor." I think that the problem is mainly with how economically segregated we are. Most people who have never been poor don't know anyone who is. Which means their opinions about poverty are based on assumptions and prejudices more than reality. And even from the liberal side, people often seem to think that government programs are more of an answer than they actually are.

Add in the fact that in a culture which is as fixated on money as ours, the idea of being poor is horrifying to a lot of people. I think that many people re-assure themselves that they won't ever be poor because they make good choices and do the right things. It's like they try to protect themselves from the fear of want by blaming those who are in want.

The only real solution is for people's hearts to change. But until either that happens or growing poverty actually becomes destabilizing - riots, work stoppages or other unpleasantness - we won't hear politicians taking the issue on.

Michael W. Kruse

Rebecca, I think there is truth in what you're saying. My point would be that most people are doing what they THINK is just and right. I think self-delusion is a reality for most of us. So my concern is that if we are to draw people to a new vision, we don't get there by telling them they are bad and selfish, but rather by beginning with the desire to see themselves as doing what is just and right, and mold that.

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