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Nov 08, 2012


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I've come down off the ledge in thinking this is the end of the world, but I've also checked out. This election more has caused me to give up my faith in the American electorate.


You are aware that the GOP did so little to reduce their enmity with minority and women voters (in many cases stoking it) that they effectively got crushed by the weight of their hubris in those exit polls.

Women 55-45 for Obama
Black 91-9 for Obama
Latino 75-24 for Obama
Asian 70-30 for Obama

You can lose trust in the electorate all you want, but when you have folks like Akin sounding off like that, when you have frequent talk about mass deportations and mandatory language... you're just not going to get these large and growing electorate groups to suddenly vote for the same party that keeps screaming these kinds of things.


Turn that knife, brother!

You know, it's comments like yours that continue to polarize our country. Do you really think that kind of rhetoric will get the current makeup of the house and senate to work together this next term? It's exactly that kind of venom that makes me want to check out.

Michael W. Kruse

Hang in there, Kenton. There is almost an irresistible urge to "spike the ball" after a touchdown (to borrow Dennis Sanders metaphor.) This too shall pass. ;-)


Thanks, Michael.

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