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Jan 04, 2013


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Harley McKenson

I fully agree with this analysis and am convinced of the significance of building a climate conducive to the development of business relations between the United States and Africa, a continent that has already strengthened links with China, India and the rich countries of the Gulf region. While the world remained fixated on the Greek debt crisis and its effect on the more industrialized countries, Africa has been engaged in substantial reforms and restructuring over the past few decades, and has enjoyed the greatest economic growth than in any other part of the world. Today, Africa is considered as the final frontier for investment opportunities.
Great efforts are being made to promote democracy, good governance and human rights in some countries. Ghana is today one of the most stable countries in the region and can hold itself up as an example of the democratic system. Mauritius, Tanzania and Mozambique have also embraced peaceful multiparty political systems. Botswana is considered as a model of parliamentary democracy and has high governance indicators. Namibia is generally celebrated as one of prime examples of democracy. Africa becomes more attractive place to invest than it was before.

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