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Aug 10, 2005


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will spotts

That's a very Calvinist understanding.

One thing I'd say to this is that people often use that to justify political dominionism (either liberal or conservative). The difference I see is twofold. First, we're not really justified at trying to force others to enact our vision, no matter how righteous we believe it to be. And the church acting as a group is given a certain commission. Other things, while they may be good (in some cases), aren't really a part of that commission.

Michael Kruse

I saw a cartoon recently that had a guy standing in front of group. He says, "I've decided we need to have a theocracy. And by the way...I'm Theo."

I think the division between sacred and secular is a consequence of dualism. It distorts the functioning of the body. Dominionism seems to me to be about placing others in the service of God. I think the biblical message is we place ourselves in the service of God and become a magnet to the kingdom.

will spotts

That's very well put.

That goes to the heart of the difference.

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