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Aug 31, 2005


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will spotts

His point is valid. It doesn't affect the truth or falsehood of the theory, or parts of the theory. It is just not the foundation of all biology.

More significantly, it provides a cultural myth that is helpful in advocating for certain desired ideas -- i.e. progress (at least in individual and group terms, if not on grand terms), the desirablility of diverstity, and a way to feel good about ourselves for being the product of progress, while at the same time letting ourselves off the hook because we're still in process.

Whatever the individual merits of these ideas, evolution serves as a cultural means of transmitting them to future generations. In short, sociologically, evolution is a religion.

Carol Regehr

Evolution is not a religion. The theory of relativity is not a religion. Quantum mechanics is not a religion. Genetics is not a religion.

Denis Hancock

Interesting to read Dr. Skell's analysis. I can't fault it.

Evolution provides a useful framework for understanding life, but I can see where it is not required for understanding how living systems work.

The "vigorous challenges" Dr. Skell encountered bring to mind the reactions of the NRA to assault weapons control or Planned Parenthood to partial birth abortion. It's not the specific issue, but rather the beginning of a "slippery slope", so a stand must be made.

As one who has had a hand in science for many years, scientists can be as dogmatic as any fundamentalist, and be as resistant to new ideas as the most conservative of people.

Michael Kruse

Stay with me you all. I am so tempted to jump ahead to some conclusions that I think you guys might find interesting, but I think it will make more sense if a build this a little more.

Thanks for hangin with me.

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