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Oct 11, 2005


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This is good stuff. We truly need to recover the paradigm of being living stones, the Church of God in the world.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Shreman. I think the image of being the living temple is a powerful one, yet I rarely hear it articulated. I think sometimes we can learn as much from the biblcial metaphors we don't use as we do from those we do use.

Richard LeComte

This isn't the kind of message that you hear during Stewardship season, but it's a good one to remember when you're obsessing over a boiler that's eating up precious BTUs. Yes, worship happens in warehouses, homes and fields. But in the absence of Roman oppression, can't we make beautiful spaces that in themselves are an expression of the worship of God? Are warehouse churches themselves more holy than cathedrals just becase they're simpler? Or are we afraid to do the heavy lifting required to express our love of Jesus Christ with our time, talents and treasure through the symbols of 2,000 years of worship? I don't know. Great church buildings bring people to Christ and repel them. I think some people are called to warehouse churches, and some are called to cathedrals, and our mission is to make everywhere a temple to the Lord, out priest, prophet and king.

Michael Kruse

Thanks for these great observations Richard. My concern is that every decision we make emanates from the mission God calls us to. Building a structure for a set of activities is a strategy, not the essence of the mission itself. While many assent to understanding this, their actions betray an almost idolatrous over attachment to the strategy. Just as individuals there is great temptation for overattachment to our worldly possessions, I think their is great temptation for overattachment the most visible material expression our corporate life. I wonder if each year a congregation should not reaffirm its mission a rededicate there facillities to that mission. Of course all this assumes we are really ready to surrender all for the mission truly seek God'a call.

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