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Nov 07, 2005


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will spotts

That spike in the mid 90's is very pronounced.

This one conforms to my anecdotal evidence pretty well. I'm curious how you interpret the change -- it struck me as a change in climate or fashion. I'm not sure how this relates to enforcement.

Also interesting is the huge (and fairly consistent) gap between marijuana and other drugs. This seems to suggest a perception difference between substances -- one is "a little bit illegal" or a little bit harmful or risky, wheras others are viewed as far more serious on both fronts.

Michael Kruse

Substance abuse is not an issue I have followed a great deal. You can certainly see that marijuana use was responsible for much of the 1990s increase. You can see that law enforcement has some impact on use as the "War on Drugs in the late 1980s led to significant decreases and the Clinton era policy not to be as aggresive about marijuana led to increased use. I think you are right about marijuana having a more nebulous status.

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