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Jan 03, 2006


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Janet Elaine Smith

I have worked with Mission Socorro, a charitable organization in the Red River Valley of MN/ND that my husband and I founded over 30 years ago. We have worked with hundreds of homeless people during that time. I often tell people that the only difference between a homeless person and anyone else might be as small as one paycheck.
I am also the author of the Patrick and Grace Mysteries. Grace (Johnson) ended up in a homeless shelter in NYC where her friend Patrick (O'Mally) had been a volunteer. I did not write this series with the idea of attacking the homeless issue in this series, but I have heard from people all across the country who have started volunteering at their local homeless shelters.
The books are In St. Patrick's Custody and Recipe for Murder, both available at amazon.com (and other online stores or in your local bookstores). The third adventure, "Old Habits Die Hard: The Case of the Missing Mother Superior" will be out the end of Jan. 2006.
One of my favorite reviews about the series is "Patrick and Grace get into more trouble than a couple of two-year-olds, but they have more fun than a barrel of monkeys getting out of it!"

Michael Kruse

Thank you Janet for letting us know about your books! Hopefully this link will work:


Thanks for stopping by.

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