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Feb 14, 2006


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Denis Hancock

I'm in.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Neo ... er ... I mean Denis.

Denis Hancock

What color WAS that pill?

Denis Hancock

Hmmm. Have you heard from anyone offline about this? It looks like it might be a fairly limited set of views, as in yours and mine...

I recently finished Noll's "Scandal of the Evangelical Mind" and Wallis' "God's Politics", but you've already taken a fairly good whack at Wallis.

I also read "Leading from the Center" by Weston, and "Presyterian Pluralism is queued up. Either one of them might make a good topic, especially "Leading" (since it is half the price of "Pluralism"...

Michael Kruse

Actually I have had two others contact me off-line to say that they want to give Policy a go. I had planned to do a post Saturday that I will start posts on the book on Tuesday. We will see how it goes.

Wallis' book would be interesting to do but I thought maybe it would be good to start with something I would be less critical of. I have the same Weston Book in the gates as well. I guess we could do more than one if there is a desire.

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