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Apr 28, 2006


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Quotidian Grace

This is fascinating! I love the idea--it's similar to "adopting" a child by sending contributions to a group that helps them. I'm going to link this on my blog.


I love this whole idea.
Below is the link to one that I've invested in. I'm planning to expand my investments soon.


What I really love about this - it is giving that you can use to help multiple people. Once the loan is repayed, then if you want you can re-invest it to help someone else. If we can get the tools (and capital is a tool) to help them create a better life for themselves - then they have a chance of moving beyond poverty - at least on their local level. My hope is that this will catch on and perhap entire communities could be impacted as several small businesses grow maybe they could offer employment opportunities for others - money kept in the local economy will certainly benefit others.



Fiona Ramsey

Thanks for the support Michael. Bloggers such as yourself are such a blessing for Kiva and are really helping us spread the word.

Capital is a tool. "Teach a man to fish..." Problem is the world is full of men who know how to fish, but just can't get hold of a net. It's so exciting from our end being in the middle of these powerful connections that are being made that are simultaneously changing lives. Personally I love the hope that we're all feeling... we can fight poverty, if we all get together and make small loans, we can make a difference in a *sustainable* way. I hope you enjoy your loaning experience, WEEC is a great organization.

Many blessings,

Fiona Ramsey
Community Relations and Operations Manager
[email protected]

Michael Kruse

Thank you Fiona. When I was in graduate school in at Eastern University ('87-'89) I knew some folks who played with idea of doing what you are doing but in pre-internet days it was simply to complex. I am glad someone else has caught the vision and followed through.

May God richly bless the work you all are doing.

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