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May 12, 2006


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absolutely. spot on. thanks!

Michael Kruse

Thanks David.

Keith Demko

Very true ... Jewish, Muslim and other people don't have to stand for this hogwash, but I guess that's the price we pay for living in a free country ... Dan Brown has as much right to be an idiot as anyone else!

Michael Kruse

Ahhhh...but now a very wealthy idiot. *grin*

Seriously, the book is very creative and, as you say, it is a free country. Some of the "persecution" stuff is way over the top. But that doesn't mean that the Da Vinci Code event is totally harmless and meaningless. I look it at as an opportunity to talk with others about the real story and what it has meant for me.

There is an old adage that says that the Word of God is an anvil that has broken many hammers. God doesn't need my defense, just my witness. Fortunately, that is all he asks.


Well, there are stories and there are stories. I hesitate to talk of Dan Brown's story in the same sentence as God's story. I think Keith has the right of it when he says " God doesn't need my defense, just my witness. Fortunately, that is all he asks." To which I say, "Amen."


Michael, I so appreciate your thoughts on this topic. Seems everyone's blogs have something about the Da Vinci Code this week and I thought you brought up some really good points. Having just recently started to explore this whole Emergent thing myself (just finished the second book of McLaren's trilogy), I really appreciated your comment about making sure that this "conversation" doesn't become all about being "contra-Evangelical." I love so much of what I am hearing and reading, but only when it is spoken with humility and not condemnation. Good for you for pointing out the inconsistencies that you noticed.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Kelly. It is so hard for most of us not to become driven by being contra-something instead being pro-God's Word and narrative. It is an ever present struggle in my life.

stephen shields

Michael, thanks for your thoughts on this!
The only thing I'll add is that the whole "it's just a novel" objection to taking DVC seriously is definitely not just coming from ec circles. It's all over the place. The ubiquitous response, of course, is that Brown's claiming his backstory is accurate in the book itself and in interviews and lots of folks are buying into that.

I like Scot McKnight's take on this that the best response to DVC is for us to be better people! I've elaborated on that a bit and have suggested a both/and approach here.

I think the most compelling story is the story of our lives!


Michael Kruse

Thanks Stephen. You are clearly right that other's are dismiss concerns about the book for the same reasons. My reason for picking on EC was that they more than most groups have made such an issue of narrative and story.

I loved you post on the topic. I will be linking it shortly.

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