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May 03, 2006


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Alan Hartung

I feel your pain.

You know things are bad when Reggie Sanders hits a grand slam in the first inning... and the game gets wiped out because of rain.

It should be criminal that the Royals made money last year, and they will again this year (thanks to some profit sharing with TV contracts).

They picked up several mediocre players in the off-season... why not pick up one or two studs? The new right side of the infield isn't that much better than last year... and don't get me started on the supposed pitching upgrades.

Michael Kruse

"The new right side of the infield isn't that much better than last year"

Or the left side. Or the center. Or the outfield *grin*

I stopped by my usual QuickTrip store this afteroon that sits on the MO/KS stateline in Kansas City (Both of them). I walked passed a display of ball caps and did a double take. There were NASCAR caps and St. Louis Cardinals caps but no Royals stuff. Maybe St. Louis has put a hex on us for stealing ... er ... I mean winning the World Series in 1985. Anyway, I see the US team for the World Cup has been selected. May need to get my sports fix elsewhere this summer.

Denis Hancock

If memory serves (and the senior moments are starting to appear) , a group of us from Manhattan went to see the Royals play, and you were with us. I can be quite sure they lost, since every game I have gone to in KC, the Royals have managed to lose.

Maybe we ought to give it another try -- it can't possibly make things worse can it? And if things are too grim, we could always head for Barnes and Noble....

Stealing? -- more like given as a gift. Denkinger in game 6, and the Cardinals bullpen in game 7. BTW, did Joaquin Andujar ever pay for that toilet he shattered?

Michael Kruse

I'm up for a game. The game may be awful but the hot-dogs are still great. It would be like twenty years ago going to a KSU football game. Nobody actually expected to see a game but hanging out was fun.

As to the '85 series, did I mention that there is a chapel inside the K called St. Denkinger's Chapel? *grin*

Royals lost road game 12 last night. Only two more for the record.

The paper today says Sweeney my retire.

The saga continues.


Look at the bright side: You could be from Pittsburgh. The Pirates aren't quite as awful as the Royals, but they're close (8-21). And that's with some quality additions over the winter, particularly Jeromy Burnitz and Sean Casey. (Casey's been hurt, but in the nine games he's played he hit .313. And you can quibble about Burnitz, but by Pittsburgh's standards, he's good.)

The clincher, though, is that here in Southwestern PA we're looking at the 14th straight sub-500 season. In at least ten of those seasons, the Bucs were out of the hunt by Memorial Day. That, my friend, is what losing baseball is all about.

Alan Hartung

If Sweeney retires, he really needs a good whoopin'. As much as he's cost the team the past couple years in salary, he should at least let them trade him to the Angels, who I think would still want to take a chance on him if he gets healthy for even a month...

If I were the coach, I'd get rid of ALL the new pitchers, including Elarton (he might be the only one we can get something for) and look for one team willing to give up just one really good pitcher. There's always one team hurting financially who'll dump a star, even mid-season.

So then the starting rotation would be new star, Jeremy Affeldt, Runelvys Hernandez, Mike Wood, and Jimmy Gobble until Greinke gets over his issues and can come back and pitch (or Bautista gets all healed up).

Leave Huber on the big team and call up Alex Gordon and Billy Butler. At this point, I don't care if their defense is not ready. Elarton would be 4-1 if the Royals had some bats.

Trade Teahen, if anybody wants him. The entire left side could also be traded, with Huber and Stairs playing first base and one of the hot hitting second basemen in the minors playing.

I'd keep Reggie Sanders, but if a trade for him plus the right side of the infield could produce one younger big bat, it would be worth it. I don't think that would happen, though.

The team I suggest might be better, but it certainly would not be worse. It would at least make for some exciting games with a little bit of offense and an upgraded pitching staff.

Michael Kruse

Alan, I say we just move you here to KC and make you General Manager. It sounds like you may acutally have some solutions. Between innings we could display Ooze threads on the giant video where people could express their thoughts on metaphyscial aspects of the game. I see some real synergy here. What do you say?

Dana Ames

I find it highly amusing that there are so many comments generated around the problems of the baseball team!

Michael Kruse


I have two theories as to why this generates such conversation. (Mike firmly places tongue in check.) First, we must revisit those immortal words of Terrance Mann:

“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come,” (James Earl Jones as Terrance Mann to Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, in Field of Dreams.)

Baseball is symbolic of a deeper metaphysical reality that unites us in our humanity.

The other possibility is that the male of the human species is too chicken to talk about personal matters of real substance and uses baseball (sports in general) as a non-threatening means of bonding. It gives the illusion of having really connected with someone without really doing so.

It tell myself the first theory. I strongly suspect the second. *grin*

Alan Hartung

If Glass can own the team and live in Arkansas, I think the GM could live in L.A. and make the trades and acquisitions :D

I was thinking how funny it would be if an owner got so fed-up with the know-it-alls like me in the blogosphere that he actually hired one of us to GM the team for a year. Would make for a really good reality television show. My Loud Obnoxious GM.

Seriously, though... what was Glass and Baird thinking this off season??? Mark Redman and Joe Mays were upgrades?!?!?!?!? I was a skeptic long before I saw their lack of production. And with such a promising young pitching staff... the acquisitions could do nothing but hurt morale in the bullpen.

Mientkiewicz and Grud were decent pickups, though I still feel they didn't need upgrades at those positions as much as they needed just ONE star pitcher and ONE star bat. As it is they acquired three starting pitchers and three position players. I usually hold back my opinion on such things, as I know it's really armchair quarterback syndrome applied to baseball, but come on... I don't think any one thought the offseason pickups were good for KC. Look at what Detroit's done... they picked up Rodriguez and maybe one other player not developed in their system...

You know, until that 2003 season, I had not paid much attention to baseball since Brett retired. They lured me back in so I could get emotionally thrashed year in and year out.

It's May, and I can't wait to see LJ run the ball again.

Okay, I'm done bonding :D

Did you all see a KC fan sold his loyalty to his team on eBay? Got rid of jerseys, autographed baseballs, his entire collection and let the winning bidder select a new team. The winning bid? Just 278 dollars.

Michael Kruse

Actually, I saw the article in the Kansas Ctiy Star and that is what going me going on this whole topic. I didn't see it online but I guess it has been at SI and other places. (I not yet ready to part with compelte collection, minus a couple cards, of Royals Baseball cards for their first 25 years.)

I love the idea of a reality show! It could be kinda like the apprentice and we could call it "Strike Out." Instead of having trump saying your fired we could have an ump give 'em the thumb and yell "You're out!!!"

I am not sure what Baird is thinking but the rumor on the radio today is the Glass is thinking of losing Baird.

BTW, Royals beat the Twins last night 1-0, one loss short of the record 13 straight road loses to open a season.

Alan Hartung

Baird's a nice guy, but he's made some real bonehead moves the past three seasons.

And I just read the number was 25 million that Glass added for free agency last year. For now, I'll hold back on my criminal comments on the Royals making 20 million last year...

But I will say it should be criminal to waste 25 million the way Baird did!

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