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May 20, 2006


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Denis Hancock

I really could have gone through life without knowing that. Thanks.

And you didn't even have to do any letter substitutions...


I think this is the real issue for General Assembly to deal with. This revelation of yours will require the appointment of a task force to further study the issue, we should expect an answer in four years with a controversial report that will further divide the denomination between Britney and "Nearby Stripe"

Wendy Bailey

My methodist friend pointed out the anagram a few years ago ... I've been trying to figure out what it really means ever since :)

I haven't seen the movie yet ... but I am most interested in the "buzz" it's causing. Whenever a newscaster or someone says that the Church objects to the movie, they cite the reason being that it portrays Jesus as married and having fathered children. Sure ... I understand that ... but what about the fact that Jesus and Mary ran away to France and faked his death and resurrection? Isn't that a bigger scandal? All to show that if it's not about sex it doesn't sell.

michael bells

boy am i sure glad i'm no longer a presbyterian :-)


I like "Nearby Priest" myself. As for the Methodists, there are plenty of fun anagrams like "timed shot," "ditto mesh," or my personal favorite, "deist moth."

Michael Kruse

Acutally, it dawned on me today that Britney Spears did advertising for Pepsi. And, as we all know, "Pepsi Cola" is an anagram for "Episcopal." Neil discovered "Nearby Stripe" but as Andy points out this could also be "Nearby Priest." Is there a hidden message here about the episcopate as it relates to Presbyterianism? Neil is right. I think we need a task force. But what to call it?


Oh, I forgot. Roman Catholic = A Monarchic Lot.

Michael Kruse

"All to show that if it's not about sex it doesn't sell."

Interesting take Wendy. I hadn't thought about it quite the way but you put it. You have a good point. I was at least pleased they didn't go into great detail about the pagan sex ritual described in the book. Probably had to tone that down to keep it from being R rated and excluding all the kiddies.

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