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Jul 16, 2006


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Andrew Shih

But what about Drugs, Divorce, and the Deficit?

Michael Kruse

In the series I did last year on Generations, as described by Strauss and Howe, I pointed out that each generational archetype brings strengths and weaknesses. Here is a link to a chart that summarizes the differences.

The Baby Boomers have made signifcant contributions, just like other generations. They have messed a lot of stuff up, just like other generations. Being part of a generation isn't a contest against other generations.

Michael Kruse

BTW, Andrew. You did catch that, "Oh Yes. We Baby Boomers are so terribly misunderstood. So mistreated. So under appreciated" is VERY tongue-in-cheek?

Andrew Shih

So I take it you're "Boomer Mike?"

(It's hard for me to catch sarcasm when it's not from the UK!)

Michael Kruse

Boomer Mike is me. As read later, my sarcasm was not totally transparent. It would have worked much better if you could have seen the body language as I was typing. *grin*

The article uses the statistical bounds of 1946-1964 to define Boomers which is probably not out of keeping the subject of the article. William Strauss and Neil Howe, who do generational cohort analysis would use 1943-1960 and I think theirs is more accurate if you are talking about a cohort sharing and generational outlook. I was born in 1959 so I confess I am a trailing edge Boomer. Still, I frequently find I often have more in common with people 10 or 15 years younger than I do with people who are five years older. I think I was born five years early. Or maybe I'm just immature *grin*

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