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Aug 23, 2006


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Benjamin P. Glaser

It is funny you mention the "scariness" of the Soviet Union. While I am only 26 I still remember Atomic Bomb drills and evacuation exercises and my dad always wanting to know where a fallout shelter was. I pointed out a fallout shelter sign to a young-12 y.o.-bible school student of mine and he wanted to know what it meant. It took me about 2 hours to explain why we needed to be afraid of that. It is never good when fear is replaced by complacency.

Michael Kruse

"The only thing we learn from the past is that no one ever learns anything from the past." :) Don't remember who said it first but I take it as an axiom.

Denis Hancock

I was in fourth grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis and remember the drills and the fear.

About 10 years ago a woman (mid 20s) from our church was listening to a discussion about the Kennedy administration. When discussion turned to the missile crisis she mentioned that she had heard about it in her high school history class but never quite understood what the big deal was.

That was when I started to feel old...

Michael Kruse

Hopefully she later saw the movie "Thirteen Days." One of my favorites.

Dana Ames

I feel old....

Michael Kruse

You and me both!

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