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Aug 11, 2006


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will spotts


Yep the stated clerk woud equal the cia in other conspiracies . . .

You know they run the Lay Committee too . . .


You crack me up!!!!

Michael Kruse

Will. Shhhhh!!! That is my sequel.

Glad I could bring a smile Kelly.


Can you put your liberty bible layouts on the cover, GOP front and Dem back...?

Michael Kruse

Now that would through them for a loop.


I only wish that this was categorized under humor.

Michael Kruse

Actually, in the literal sense, I thought I had categorized this under PCUSA and Humor. That has been corrected. My humor is often a little too subtle for this medium. Best to give some clear indication before I get flamed.

John Smith

Actually, the PPC is an entity of the General Assembly and is accountable to the Assembly. Also the Assembly elects the directors of the Board of the PPC.

Michael Kruse

Their website says:

"The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC) is a financially self-sustaining agency of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), governed by a board of directors."

My point about being under the authority of the denomination was unclear. I intended that to refer to having say over what is published. I have now made that clarification.

It has been my understanding that we give little if any financially and don't exercise review over what they publish. I think you are right that our accountability comes through the GA electing the Board of Directors. I haven't dealt with them much to date.

Quotidian Grace

Love the prospective book :-)

Michael Kruse

Thanks. For that you get a 25% discount.

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