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Sep 23, 2006


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Todd Bensel

I love hyperbole! Some of your recent posts have truly been remarkable. Thanks for the good natures spoofs!

Michael Kruse

Thanks Todd! Nothing like a little time to kill with Photoshop.

Rev Dave

to quote those postmodern theologians Diamond Rio:
“I preach for the light - the light shows the way/ Don’t ever trust what the government say/ We never walked on the moon - Elvis ain’t dead You ain’t going crazy - It’s all in your head...It’s all interpretation/ To find the truth you gotta read between the lines/ Work out your own salvation - That narrow path is had to define/ Heaven’s more than a place - It’s a state of mind."

I think PPC should branch out into country music.

Michael Kruse

I was actually thinking more along the lines of Golden Earring

"Now I'm slipping into the Twilight Zone..."

But I love the Diamond Rio lyrics.

tom aka headphonaught

Laughed hard when i read this... v. funny!

Michael Kruse

Thanks Tom. I don't think everyone will quite appreciate some of the humor in this post. You have to know a little about the whole Sophia gnostic stuff to get the full effect. Glad you liked it.

Quotidian Grace

I remember the Re-Imagining bru-ha-ha and the Sophia-ites of yore. This is a great spoof, Mike! LOL.

Michael Kruse

"Sophia-ites of yore."

Thanks. Yes, I figured a little retro controversy might make a good conspiracy.

Dana Ames

Oh no! We've been found out!!!


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