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Sep 19, 2006


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Personally, I'd trade Clinton's policies for Bush's anyday. But I figure most folks knew that...

Thanks for the video. I think the initiative has some promise, and I think he's right about Buffett and Gates.

And the question posted by Stewart on "The Seat of Heat" was classic! FWIW, I'm not supporting his wife in '08 (in the primary, at least(...


I really like what Clinton said when asked if politics got in the way of actually getting things done-- something along the lines of, "there will always be the reality of what IS compared to what OUGHT TO BE; it's an inevitable gap... but it's a gap that private citizens can step into and begin to fill." Hmmm...


I'd agree, Josh. That was a great thought!

Michael Kruse

I appreciated this point as well but what concerns me is the perception that government is the entity that accomplishes great things and people fill in around the edges. IMO, most of the great things that happen in society are accomplished by people with government filling in around the edges.

There is a tendency to conflate government with society. Government is one essential institution of society but it is very limited in what it can effectively accomplish for many of the reasons Clinton mentioned. Other institutions have their own contributions and limitations. This gets back to susidiarity.

Still, his basic point that politics never gets you exactly what you want is well worth hearning.


Good point, Michael...

Michael Kruse

Thanks. I come up with one every now and then. Law of averages. :)

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