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Sep 15, 2006


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Dana Ames

I think cats want the freshest water they can find- obviously, they don't understand the function of a toilet. Every cat I've known seems to figure out where that fresh water place is in the house, where it can be easily reached by catpaws.

Felicity wants her water out of the bathroom faucet, not her water bowl. Another opportunity for the Empress to yell at us, to get us to turn the faucet handle for her... of course, you must be able to tell that I actually like it that my cat talks to me :)

Michael Kruse

My sister had a cat who figured out how to work the kitchen faucet and would to help herself to a fresh drink and then run off and leave the water running. Maybe she and Felicity are related. Isaac always comes running when we put fresh water in his bowl but he detests any water hitting his fur and runs when hit by just a couple drops.

They do make life entertaining.

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