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Oct 02, 2006


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Ted Gossard

My wife and I attended Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada in the early 1980's. It was a nondenominational and conservative in some areas then (has come more into the evangelical mainstream since we've been there; and Myron Penner is there) school, many of its students going to the mission field.

I think it's a good illustration of the ambivalence toward women evangelicals have had, which Ruth Tucker expresses here. Though the spirit and openness there, I thought was always good and healthy.

Miss Ruth Dearing taught there for many years (her sister Miss Kathleen Dearing did so as well, and was an accomplished pianist on a concert-level). She was a fine teacher; I had her. And she served on committees and was said to have a computer-like mind, being able to recall all kinds of details, and remembering students past and present.

L.E. Maxwell, author of "Born Crucified" was a dynamic speaker for decades. He was the pastor, a teacher, and "principal" (or president?) there for years. In his younger years, he'd get so worked up in his preaching, that he was even said to have stood on top of the pulpit. And his preaching and teaching had content. No fluff I remember. He read and appreciated theology.

But when he would travel, Dorothy Miller, a Bible teacher there on campus, often filled the pulpit for him at the on-campus church. She was said to have been a better preacher than him. And that is saying plenty. She was said to be tremendously gifted.

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