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Oct 30, 2006


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As others have recently mentioned on my own blog, and as I was thinking (while visiting some patriarchal blogs this weekend), I am looking forward to the day when we are allowed to look at the cultural background of these texts WITHOUT being told we are dumping the authority of Scripture, etc...

We can look at the cultural context in so many other areas, but in this one, it's oddly prohibited... It's weird.

Michael Kruse

"It's weird."

I suspect it is more "desperate denial."

People like Grudem and Piper have made this the lynchpin in preventing the church from sliding into a disregard for the Word's authority, normalizing homosexuality, and the general collapse Western Civilization. This teaching is carrying a heavy load!!!

IMO, the horrific irony is that they are significantly contributing to the very undermining of scripture they are trying to prevent. As people can see the evidence in our day of the true capabilities of both men and women, and then look at the “Emperor has no clothes” teaching of these folks on women’s subordination, they are discrediting the Word in many an increasing number of people’s eyes. And over the past generation, they are now even rewriting the historic teaching of the Church on the nature of the Trinity to prop up their teaching.

I am almost finished with MM Outreach dvd series. I liked the part where she talked about Paul “going after” those who knew they were teaching false teaching and those who merely deceived. When I listen MacArthur, Ware, Piper and others on these dvds, at times I just get furious! (I wonder how many takes the narrator had to take before she could respond with such a calm demeanor. *grin*) I have great sympathy for most of the millions of people who have bought into some form of this stuff, but I find it really takes a lot for me to be gracious about these teachers and I wonder if I even should be. I share some of their concern about the moral chaos and confusion of the age but they have staked out an agenda and it is that agenda that interprets scripture rather than scripture interpreting their agenda. It is no different than the liberal agenda they fear, that has co-opted scripture for their purposes. (Mike stepping of soap box now.)

I am almost finished with the MM Outreach dvds. Good stuff! I really liked the presentation on 1 Cor 11. That made more sense and addressed more of the issues than any one single presentation I have seen. Because there isn’t complete agreement on the non-hierarchical side for interpretation on a couple of these passages I am thinking of doing a multiple interpretation comparison to conclude which I think best fits. I may blog that later in the fall or winter.


I was really impressed, too. I plan on not doing a point by point review, but giving a general free commercial for the dvd set! lol... I'll be sure to link to you, if you write anything about the series...

Yes, those quotes/excerpts infuriated me too...My goodness, if that's not powerful, what is? And how in the WORLD can someone say that stuff, and yet still say, "we believe women to be equal with men..." Huh? Maybe in a few more years I can handle listening to that stuff on a regular basis, but currently, I have to avoid it most of the time (on blogs, etc)...it just makes my ears red and my brow scrunched...not just because it's missing the mark, but because I believed it so long myself...

David W. Bailey

I have recently published the authorized biography of Roger Nicole, entitled Speaking the Truth in Love: The Life and Legacy of Roger Nicole. It is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the publisher, Solid Ground Christian Books.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the heads up about your book. Here is the Amazon link:

Speaking the Truth in Love: The Life and Legacy of Roger Nicole

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