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Oct 12, 2006


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Michael - fantastic series. You've provided an excellent summary of the essays - I'm bumping this book up on my list. I will probably link to this shortly.

I had the privilege of studying under Keener briefly at Eastern - he's a great prof. I'm glad to see some of his wisdom in this discussion. I think his point about the context is significant. I spent almost two weeks in London this summer with some folks who are working in the Muslim communities there. The women in our group had to always be cognizant of their actions and demeanor so as not to give offense. It sounds similar to what Keener is discussing here. I think the concerns of the NT authors in this regard seem to frequently intersect that of the mission of the church - they want to protect the integrity of the gospel. That's something that gets missed in a lot of discussion about this issue - in fairness on all sides - and Keener's observation to that end is helpful.

Thanks for a great series.

Michael Kruse

Thanks for your comments Scott. I had one class with Ron Sider at Eastern Seminary (now Palmer). I didn't know much about Keener until a few years later in the mid-1990s. Of the books and articles I have read, his are some of the best. I really appreciate his thoroughness.

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