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Oct 13, 2006


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Quotidian Grace

Sounds like a ploy to justify their existence by promoting this program. We've already got more ministers than churches can support. We need more congregations and members.

I must say that if I am called on to pick up a stone and put it in, or take it out, of water to remember my baptism one more time I think I will scream. What is up with all of this emphasis on "remembering your baptism"? Cradle Presbyterians were baptised as infants. If you want people to remember their baptism, baptism them as adults like the Baptists and others do.

Not that I'm feeling cynical today or anything. Sorry.

Michael Kruse


Actually, what this story does not articulate clearly is the idea that every person has a call in life not just pastors, elders or deacons. That call comes at baptism. That is the overarching focus. The theme is right and I think the programming is going in the right direction though it is not "punched" home in this story.

Furthermore, we still don't have outcomes by which to evaluate these programs. We can describe the most wonderful programs in the world but until there are concrete stated outcomes we still in the same muddied mess. The reorgainization and a new director have thrown things into a bit of chaos for the moment.

As to rocks and baptism, I am with you. But hey, at least we didn't use milk and honey.

Dana Ames

I don't mind the program so much as all the "churchspeak". Scarier still is that I understand it :p But most in my congregation wouldn't.


Michael Kruse

But Paul said speaking in tongues was desirable gift? :)

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