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Oct 10, 2006


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Dana Ames

Good of you to point this out. This stands in stark contrast to some Christians who want to bring on the end of the world by making sure that Israel exists long enough to start building the temple again so the Antichrist will arise, defile the temple and instigate Armageddon so Jesus will come back and wipe 'em all out.

End of rant. Yes, I feel a little steamed at the dichotomy here, and frustrated over all the apathetic Christians, including myself.

Michael Kruse

This article just shows to me what can happen when you can get people oriented toward achieving a vision instead of defeating an opponent.

L.L. Barkat

I wonder why only a handful of evangelicals were invited... space considerations... or, the apathy Dana points out... ?

Michael Kruse

Good question. But even more to the point, why wasn't I invited? *grin*

Seriously, I seem to recall that the program trys to achieve a balance of people from a variety of walks in life. Maybe there aren't enough evangelicals in those roles.

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