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Nov 08, 2006


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Dana Ames

Good for you! The church needs some "purple economics" too, to borrow Scot's color analogy. Actually, I think we need a way that is beyond either color or a blending thereof.

I live in an area where all corporations are regarded with suspicion and contempt, and the bigger they are the more so. I'm personally dismayed by greed and corruption, movement toward monopolization, and the supposed need for the astronomical compensation packages many CEOs receive even when there are no accounting slippages. And yet, the backbone of the lifestyle we all enjoy due to the economy is not the few large corporations, but the many small and medium-sized community-based business owners, whose creativities need to be encouraged. When my daughter was in the local ballet company and I sold ads for the Nutcracker program, the generosity of most of the businesses toward the arts (and toward benefiting the community in general) amazed me.

All that to say that I hope your book gets the wide reading it deserves. I'm giving notice now that I would like to have signed copies for my book group :)


Terrance Tiessen


I’m fairly new to reading your blog so I don’t know what you have spoken about in previous posts. I wonder if you’ve read John R. Schneider, _The Good of Affluence: Seeking God in a Culture of Wealth_ (Eerdmans, 2002). I have a hunch that it is a book you would appreciate.


Michael Kruse

Thanks Dana. Something outside of red, blue and purple is indeed what I have in mind. I have you on my list for autographed copies should it ever get that far.

Thanks again for your encouragement.

Michael Kruse

Your hunch would be right Terry. I did appreciate Schneider's book. It was interesting to read the some Christian college classes use his book along with Sider's "Rich Christians." I can see who the two books taken side by side would be a powerful teaching tool.

Anyway, thanks for the pointing him out. It is good stuff.

Mark Goodyear

That's really exciting about the book project, Michael. I hope you'll let us in on more details of that process as you continue working on it.

Also, I have really enjoyed your posts on Jesus Creed about gender.



Just on the off-chance you may be interested, I wonder if you've seen this:


The date has passed but they may still be interested.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Mark. I let you know as things unfold.

Michael W. Kruse

Jordan, thanks for the link. I had seen something about this but forgot it. I'll take a look and see if there is a fit.


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