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Nov 06, 2006


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It is interesting, isn't it? :) Did you find the report about tracing back to only 3 women? Noah's Ark, man! ;)

Michael Kruse

What I had read came from Hugh Ross' "The Genesis Questiion." He says that the DNA points back to one man about 35,000-47,000 years ago. The DNA points to a first woman that is thousands of years earlier, possibly tens of thousands earlier. If the flood story is accurate, Noah is the common male ancestor for all living human beings. But there are four women to trace back to. The wives of Noah's three known sons and Noah's wife. (Don't know if Noah had unmentioned daughters.) There independent lines would trace back to Eve, thus the more distant date. I think the number of years has back has been extended back a little for both men and women but the same dynamic is in play.

Very interesting!


Well, the problem with that would be: Noah didn't have any more kids after the flood, the mtDNA only comes from mom, so the 3 women would be the wives of his sons, NOT Noah's wife. (no unmentioned daughters--every other pre-Noah person in Gen 5 "had other sons and daughters," that's the Hebrew, not a gender-neutral English translation--Noah's children are only the 3 boys Gen. 9:28-29 doens't follow Gen 5's pattern).

Michael Kruse

Clearly only Noah his wife, his sons and his wife were on the ark. And I agree that the sons are the ones mentioned as having descendants.

I am thinking back more to the question of up to what age did these women living to be several hundred years old have children? It is possbile that Noah had daughters after the flood who married grandsons. There is nothing that suggests that but there is also nothing that absolutely precludes it. So I am living the door open a tiny crack that there could be four.


LOL. Or more. What if Noah's sons were polygamist? The number of wives was never mentioned....

Note also how the genealogies from Ham, Japeth, and Shem are only mentioning sons (Starts with: these are the sons of...). We can assume there were daughters born in there, too. It's a bit tricky taking things literally. ;)

Michael Kruse

Yes indeedy!

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